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Our Mission

The mission of JLS REC is to:

Grow a community dedicated to the well being of all that live in our municipalities.
Represent a positive atmosphere for volunteers as well as team players.
Provide positive learning experiences for the children of our community, promoting fundamental skills.
Teach good sportsmanship as well as team participation.

Looking forward, the JLS mission will be to continue uniting our communities in a positive direction for the good of all.

Jacobus, Loganville and Springfield (JLS) Recreation Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing wholesome recreational activities that hearten the life-long social, fitness and fun opportunities for our residents.

JLS Rec is a group of six volunteers from all three municipalities that promote and develop recreation for all ages in the JLS area. Each municipality appoints two individuals to represent their area. Each municipality representative serves a 2-year term.

We are currently looking for representatives from all three municipalities. We are also looking for volunteers to help with events throughout the year.

Officers for 2019

JLS Recreation Chairman Kay Shue 717-428-3105  
JLS Administrator Lori Starz 717 825 7285
Municipality JLS Representatives
Jacobus Stephen Turner 443-928-0780
Jacobus William Eshenour 717-428-2531
Loganville Kay Shue 717 428 3105  
Loganville Crystal Mueller
Springfield Kris Baumgartner 717-428-3105
Springfield VACANT    
Sports Commissioners
Baseball  Kris Baumgartner  717-428-3105
Soccer Jeff Sampson
Girls Softball Tracy Higgins 717-683-7237
Girls Softball